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Whidbey Island Ferry
Blue on Blue

"I turn my blessings like photographs into the light;

Not-yet-dead, not-yet-lost, not-yet-taken.
Not-yet-shattered, not-yet-sectioned,


Jane Hirshfield 

(photos) on film with Pentax K1000 | Whidbey Island Ferry, Washington


Photos from last spring break in Los Angeles & more on my professional portfolio.

(photos) on film with Pentax K1000 | my dear friend Christopher, at the Getty Museum. Wilshire, Venice Beach, and Tyler at the the hotel pool.  (p.s.) A city guide for the best afternoon in LA and an LA inspired song.

seasons change.

frosty field.frosty ducks.
sunny bar-b-que
I took a roll of film to get developed and found this set of photos, 3 months apart, both taken at my sister's farm. The last Bar-b-que of summer, the first frost of fall. 

(photos) on 120 film with hasseblad 503cx 

pumpkin carving.

De-gucking the Pumpkin.
make friends with East Coast girls: they're the best at fall activities and they know all the different names of plaids (black watch vs. royal stuart vs. buffalo check).

(photos) on film with Pentax K1000 | Amherst, Massachusetts. this feels like a lifetime ago (p.s.) one more

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